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AAF International
Air Pollution Control Products
Central and Self-Contained Shaker and Pulse Jet Dust Collectors, Cartridge Dust Collectors, Wet Dust Collectors, 
Particulate Scrubbers
                                                    -- Many products available from factory stock
Air Filtration Equipment and Air Filters
ASHRAE, HEPA & Bag-In/Bag-Out Filter Housing; ASHRAE & HEPA Filters; Clean Room HEPA & ULPA Filter Modules; Machinery Air Intake Filtration and Silencing Products

Howden American Fan
OEM Cast Aluminum Fans; Backward Curved & Radial Industrial Centrifugal Fans; Plug Fans; Mixed Flow Fans; 
Turbo, Radial & Cast Aluminum Pressure Blower

Barnebey Sutcliffe, a Division of Calgon Carbon Corp.

Containment & IAQ Carbon Adsorption Systems, High Quality and Bag-In/Bag-Out Filter Housings, HEGA Adsorbers, CBR Systems, Bubble Tight Isolation Dampers

Cesco Products, a Division of Mestek, Inc.
Weather Louvers, Control & Volume Dampers, Backdraft Dampers, and Gravity Roof Ventilators

Clean Gas Systems, Inc.
Cyclone Dust Collectors, Special purpose Particulate and / or Fume Scrubbers, Gas Absorbers, Odor Control Scrubbers 

Continental Fan Manufacturing, Inc.
Wall Panel Fans, Propeller Flange/Ring Fans' Upblast & Hooded Roof Ventilators, Tube Axial Fans, Inline Mixed Flow & Inline Centrifugal Fans, Centrifugal Fans & Blowers 

DF Fan Services, Inc.
Heavy Duty Forward Curved Fans 6.5"- 32.5" dia., Fume Hood Exhaust Fans, Combustion Fans with Vortex Inlet Dampers, Single & Duplex Fan Assemblies, "CLARAGE" Forward Curved Replacement Parts

K & B Duct
Prefabricated Clamp Together Metal Duct and Fittings featuring the Forever SS Clamp, K-Wick Cable Hangers, Hoods/Transitions, Blast Gates and Flexible Hose, Galvanized or Stainless Steel Available

Phelps Fan, Inc.
Class II, III, IV & V Industrial, Backward Curved and Process Centrifugal Fans, Pressure Blowers, Alloy Fans

Primary Plastics, Inc.
Fiberglass, Polyester, Vinylester, PVC, CPVC Duct Systems and Hoods, Fiberglass Fabrication

The Raring Corporation
Dust Control & Suppression Systems, Evaporative Gas Cooling/Conditioning Systems, Wind Fence Systems

Universal Fan & Blower, Ltd.
Fiberglass Backward Curved & Radial Blade Centrifugal Fans; Fiberglass Wall Fans, Axial Fans and Roof Exhaust Fans; Polypropylene Forward Curved Fume Exhaust Fans


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